G’day I’m Rhys,

I work with CEOs, Boards & Teams to build actionable strategy and exceptional leadership.

My exposure to Army, counter-terrorism and bush survival alongside academic rigour and an executive business career gives my clients a competitive edge in the ever-evolving corporate battleground.

We’re a no-nonsense, research-backed approach to development, incorporating humankind’s original teacher:  the wild.

Why enter the wild

Against the background of faster change than ever before, financial market instability, social upheaval and shifting political expectations, organisations and individuals need a new approach to build their capacity to change and lead.

We are this new approach. Backed by research linking wilderness exposure to authentic leadership and real-world insight from executives and psychologists we use the wild’s high consequence environment to create leaders fit for this future.

our services

We offer a series of immersions and consultation designed to improve business performance through leadership, teamwork, innovation and employee development.


Individual and enterprise coaching and facilitation to build high-performing, authentic leaders.



Actionable and creative advice and training for your business strategy and strategic process.


enter The wild

Test yourself, your team and your leadership from the boardroom to the bush alongside other experts.


I wasn’t sure quite what to expect from the Nature’s Mind, Wilderness Immersion Program on Preparing for Change, but what did occur far exceeded any hopes I may have had.

As the title suggests it was a complete immersion into some of the most stunning scenery, my own conflict resolution style and that of the others.
The group started as strangers and ended up as a team and comrades.

Rhys and Mechelen put together a very professional, comprehensive and thoughtful programme, mindful of the needs of others and a knowledgeable construct of how to encourage others to dig deep and expose strengths and weaknesses they wouldn’t usually access.

Everyone on the day left with a sense of achievement, goodwill and hope.
I will recommend it to everyone l know

Thank you everyone for a wonderful experience.

Val | Senior Registered Nurse | NSW Health

benefits for individuals

Improved Decision Making

Poor decisions are predictable and can be avoided and removed through wilderness immersion.

Deeper Self Awareness

Individuals that know their own strengths and weaknesses are happier and contribute more.


Enhanced Wellbeing

Yale research shows wilderness immersion creates less stress, more healing and better health.

Improved Resilience

Human resilience was developed in nature; returning to the wild is key for a resilience reboot.

Contextual Leadership

Wilderness immersion has a proven positive impact on creating authentic leadership behaviours.


Refined Habitual Behaviours

Habits save lives in the wild; learning them in this arena promotes neural pathway development.

Personal Courage

Developing courage through responsible fear exposure creates leaders with character and grit.

Ability to Fail & Learn

Failure in nature is uncompromising, creating the perfect scoreboard to learn from and improve.

What makes our immersive wilderness experiences so effective?

Research shows that wilderness experiences foster authentic leadership behaviours and adaptability.

Combining high-consequence experiences in nature with traditional strategic support drives individual and organisational performance.

benefits for businesses

Effective Strategy

Just like in the wild if your map in business does not match the terrain, you must adapt fast.

Real Human Leadership

Leading in the bush is outcome centric and has no room for blame shifting or excuses.

Continuous Change

Working on neural pathway promotion in a real landscape increases personal and group adaptability.

Employee Development

Our programs are reviewed by psychologists to ensure they develop the right skills and mindsets.

Talent Attraction & Retention

Programs targeted to employee engagement drivers like empowerment.

Clear Connected Culture

Programs targeted at staff engagement drivers like empowerment, collaboration and communication.

Social Responsibility

You cannot value nature without knowing it, we bridge the office/nature divide in real life.


Resource Allocation

Learn practical strategies for distributed risk and resource management and accountability.


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