These programs are the culmination of years of experience across army, academia, business and exploration in nature. it’s the best of it all

How we got here – a bit about me

Following a brief stint in the Australian Army, Rhys Binney established his career in consulting, research and teaching regarding counter-terrorism and unconventional warfare. After shifting his focus to business he has been involved in management consulting and advisory all over the world and across most industries.

As one of the top performing advisors globally with Gartner, Rhys supported hundreds of digital and business transformations, helped build new operating models across financial services, Defence, government, FMCG, high-tech businesses and more. He is sought out for his expertise in strategy formation, execution expertise and ability to lead. He has supported M&A activity ranging from $10-$800m and has developed the mindsets, behaviours and skills of hundreds of global and local leadership teams.


Most recently, Rhys led the business transformation for a tech scale up, refreshed the strategy and exit pathway for a scaling tech consulting firm and coached 3 CEO’s to higher personal performance.

Rhys is a vocal supporter of mental health, men’s mental health and is on a Board for Hello Sunday Morning. He is an established endurance athlete having completed multiple ultra-distance runs, alongside long ocean swims and paddles. He is a rock climber, canyoner and adventurer with expedition experience in Australia, NZ and PNG.


Rhys holds a number of qualifications. His academic qualifications include the following degree programs:

  • Master of International Relations
  • Graduate Certificate in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Management in Sports and Exercise

Additionally, Rhys is a qualified Executive and Leadership Coach with a Diploma of Professional Coaching from the Australian Institute of Professional Coaching, an International Coaching Federation approved program.

Alongside his experience in the wilderness Rhys holds the following qualifications in the Outdoor Leadership Space:

  • Certificate 4 in Outdoor Leadership
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • Outdoor Leadership Qualifications in:
    • Abseiling
    • Tope Rope Climbing
    • Single and Multi-Pitch Lead Climbing
    • Bushwalking in Extremely Difficult Tracked and Untracked Environments
    • Canyoning and Swift Water Rescue

Rhys partners with psychologists to ensure all programs are psychologically safe and responsible.

Client Testimonials

Here’s some feedback from clients I have worked with.

We engaged Rhys as we were embarking on a complex business transformation and knew we needed to get advice from someone outside our business with a deep knowledge of the overall market and with expertise in business transformation.

The scope was extensive as we had been a very technically focused business operating in the Australia and New Zealand market and wanted to shift our sales focus to Software as a Service, to expand to new markets, change our revenue model, and further develop our already high performing executive and middle management layer.

Rhys was a considerable catalyst for change and his advice directly led to higher revenue, improvements in our product positioning and a more engaged and focused team.

Additionally, Rhys provided clear personal advice that supported my needs during a tough transformation and was a critical resource during tense client negotiations.

I would absolutely recommend working with Rhys Binney as you look to grow and scale your start up, scale up or established company, his strategy, leadership and transformation advice is second-to-none.

Martin Stewart | Founder & Co-CEO | Axe Group

Rhys helped us develop leadership skills across our Technical & Functional leads. This was delivered in the form of a series of training sessions. All sessions were great opportunities to ask questions and talk about real life examples.

Rhys constantly portrayed humble leadership while delivering the training. He shared his personal and professional experiences with humility and the experience made participation very easy.

The choice of topics was always focused on exploring the individual self to realise where ones strengths lie in order to utilise them on the leadership journey.

Rhys clearly demonstrated his vast experience in the field as well as research to create important stories and conclusions which were relatable and resonate with everyone.

Thank you, Rhys for taking the time to help us on our growth journey!

Pallavi | Head of Product | Axe Group

What an exceptional day!

I left feeling completely invigorated and equipped with several fresh tools to take on the challenges ahead.

The facilitation was awesome; I couldn’t recommend this program more highly!

Thank you sincerely.

Bill, Regional Sales Director at Salesforce and Motivational Speaker

Bill | Regional Sales Director | Salesforce

Recently I required some additional support around IT Strategy and Organisational Transformation.

When I found Rhys Binney, I was instantly impressed by his knowledge but was even more impressed by his proactive follow-through, and his ability to break down complex information in a way that clients could understand. His ability to analyse information and only relay that which is relevant, is a skill, that I was very grateful to have in our team. He understands our executive-level customer base and has deep experience that has helped us significantly in a variety of ways.

We look forward to expanding his scope onto other initiatives wider in the team. Highly recommended.

Fatimah | CEO | Agile Management Office

Thanks Rhys Binney and Mechelen D’Souza for a day that was both energising and inspiring 👏

Matt | Growth Marketing Lead | Shippit

I wasn’t sure quite what to expect from the Nature’s Mind, Wilderness Immersion Program on Preparing for Change, but what did occur far exceeded any hopes I may have had.

As the title suggests it was a complete immersion into some of the most stunning scenery, my own conflict resolution style and that of the others.
The group started as strangers and ended up as a team and comrades.

Rhys and Mechelen put together a very professional, comprehensive and thoughtful programme, mindful of the needs of others and a knowledgeable construct of how to encourage others to dig deep and expose strengths and weaknesses they wouldn’t usually access.

Everyone on the day left with a sense of achievement, goodwill and hope.
I will recommend it to everyone l know

Thank you everyone for a wonderful experience.

Val | Senior Registered Nurse | NSW Health

What an outstanding experience!

I will never forget.

The enthusiasm and attention expressed by Mechelen and Rhys to each member of the team especially to myself under the circumstances of my condition are commendable!

There is just so much I took away from this program I am still unravelling my thoughts and experiences and making notes.

Thank you Mechelen and Rhys and hope you continue to share this experience with others.

Jake | National Business Improvement Manager | Dowell

Rhys Binney

Owner & Lead Advisor, Coach & Facilitator.

+61 421 667 460

“The wild gave me everything I have. The lessons I learned guide my success in everything else in life and that is what I want to share with people. You can’t make excuses in the wilderness!!”

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