We look at the whole person and build the leader in them

50% of initially successful leaders will eventually be fired (MIT Sloan, 2021) and that’s not even looking at those initially unsuccessful.

We focus on seeing every leader at every level as a whole person. We will listen to your leaders, see through their eyes and be honest in how we work with them to build the leaders they can be.

build a workforce of leaders that perform consistently, are resilient under pressure and maintain the highest values and standards

Leaders aren’t born, they’re crafted

We have all experienced good and bad, effective, and ineffective leadership. This might have been direct leadership, when you had a boss who truly “got you” and helped you do your best work. Or it may have been indirect leadership if you were negatively impacted by a policy created by a leader without the introspective capacity to test their decisions for bias.

Positive, effective leadership is not just one thing and the skills to lead on a battlefield are different from those needed in a not-for-profit. However, macro-principles of leadership and character-based introspection are a hallmark of good leadership across the board.

We work with individuals, teams and structural context to ensure that your leaders are leading with their “whole-selves” to achieve the right outcomes, within your context.

We deal with 3 elements to do this: the person, the outcomes and the context or environment. Failure to consider one of these will jeopardise the others. We specialise in developing leadership capability across a range of contexts to ensure the development of macro-principles, introspection and the insight to “learn to lead” in a new context, quickly. There is no point training a leader at the team leader level only for them to fail at the executive level. Our leadership practice is pragmatic, people-centric and honest.

Programs for leaders

Our products are designed to flex with your needs and budget whilst ensuring practicality and impact.

Leadership Team Wilderness Immersion Experience

We use the high-consequence, high-feedback natural environment, combined with psychology, Military and business nous to build world-class leaders and teams.

Darkest Before Dawn Wilderness Program

Off track, off grid, not for the faint of heart and in the wild; these small group programs will take you beyond comfort to find the leader that lives inside you.

Leadership Training, Facilitation and Advisory

No-nonsense, bespoke leadership training programs, facilitation and advice for ELT/Board/Leadership transformations focussed on people, outcomes and context.


Executive and Leadership Coaching Program

ICF-approved Leadership and Executive Coaching Program augmented with advisory services and delivered in a bespoke 1-to-1 or 1-to-many format.


Rhys helped us develop leadership skills across our Technical & Functional leads. This was delivered in the form of a series of training sessions. All sessions were great opportunities to ask questions and talk about real life examples.

Rhys constantly portrayed humble leadership while delivering the training. He shared his personal and professional experiences with humility and the experience made participation very easy.

The choice of topics was always focused on exploring the individual self to realise where ones strengths lie in order to utilise them on the leadership journey.

Rhys clearly demonstrated his vast experience in the field as well as research to create important stories and conclusions which were relatable and resonate with everyone.

Thank you, Rhys for taking the time to help us on our growth journey!

Pallavi | Head of Product | Axe Group

Build exceptional leaders and the results will take care of themselves

Empowering your entire workforce as leaders within the right context and with clear outcomes will inevitably bring the commercial and organisational success you want.

We thrive on seeing leaders and teams flourish. If you want to invest in your people and build better leaders, then we want to hear from you.

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