Improving corporate culture through wilderness experiences

86% of Australian employees are disengaged or actively disengaged, read detrimental, at work and this was before a pandemic that drove mental ill health, isolation, and quiet quitting (Gallup).

Our programs use the wilderness to build critical competencies that are lacking and to reinvigorate, bring teams together and engage people.

Build a character and values-based organisation that consistently beats the market and can attract, retain and sustain a tier 1 workforce

What you’ll find in the wild

The research is already in on what moves the needle for high performance in a changing landscape. Agile frameworks highlight the need for adaptability, Carol Dweck has established the need for a Growth Mindset and McKinsey notes the importance of authentic leadership.

The challenge that faces organisation is not what competencies, mindsets and character traits to build, but how to build them. Shifting mindsets, changing ingrained behaviours, examining our own character and beliefs and training adaptability and resilience does not work in cushy office environments or online training. 

The programs we run in the wilderness are drawn from a combination of research-driven insights into the efficacy of wilderness immersion and specific training modalities from psychology, coaching, business and the military with our own experiences as leaders and wild explorers. Everyone involved in our programs has walked the walk and continues to use wilderness exposure to build their own skillsets and challenge ingrained beliefs.

We work with every organisation, team and individual to ensure programs are achievable, accessible to all, and deliver tangible business value through building the right competencies and mindsets. Participants tell us they are more confident, resilient, effective and in touch with their strengths after our programs.

Going into the wild

Our products are designed to flex with your needs and budget whilst ensuring an incredible experience.

Darkest Before Dawn Wilderness Program

Off track, off grid, not for the faint of heart and in the wild; these small group programs will take you beyond comfort to find the leader that lives inside you.


Bespoke small-group customised wild expeditions

Want to trek the Overland Track in winter or paddle the Murray on a Paddle Board?? We work with you to create a unique trip just for a few budding adventurers.


Specific Business Competency Training in the wild

We use the high-consequence, high-feedback natural environment alongside psychology and business acumen to build leadership, teamwork, strategy and change competency.


Executive, Leadership and Team Offsites

The wild strips away the barriers that prevent us from knowing ourselves and our teams. Our offsites create space to build relationships that drive business success.


What an exceptional day!

I left feeling completely invigorated and equipped with several fresh tools to take on the challenges ahead.

The facilitation was awesome; I couldn’t recommend this program more highly!

Thank you sincerely.

Bill, Regional Sales Director at Salesforce and Motivational Speaker

Bill | Regional Sales Director | Salesforce

Do what others won’t and achieve what others can’t. Find your wilderness edge.

Our approach to mindset building, behaviour shaping and competency refining in the wild are proven to make a difference for your leaders and teams.

We do this because we love it. We love being in the wild and seeing the growth and impact for our clients, give us a yell if you are keen to know more.

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